The IP Cameras are used for security purposes and are more expensive than the CCTV cameras. This situation makes people opt to the get the cheaper option other than them.

The basics of an IP camera

Internet protocol commonly known as the IP camera is the modern generation camera which exhibits the features of the traditional CCTV camera but offers high and better-integrated options. One of the most excellent characteristics is the ability to perform without the need of wiring. Such kind f cameras use data transmissions such as wireless LAN or the WI-FI. It is convenient for people who are not comfortable with complicated wiring. The good thing is that it can use an already existing internet connection. It renders the ability to view your cameras from anywhere on the globe at any given time.

The benefits of IP camera over CCTV camera

The IP camera may seem to be expensive as many people assume but that is not the case. The camera has an already inbuilt processor which does not require the use f digital video recorder like the CCTV. The only requirement needed is the internet connection and you are set for whatever you please to do. The camera used wireless network as mentioned earlier, which allows sending video signals to a cloud system or a computer where you can record as well as view events.

The good thing with IP camera is that it does not hinder you from setting up as many cameras as you want. As long as your bandwidth is accommodative enough, then you can use as many wireless cameras as you please. However, I case that is not possible; it is always advisable to ask for an internet upgrade from your provider to accommodate more security cameras.

Unlike the CCTV cameras, IP cameras offer high video resolution. It is possible since it uses video pixels instead of TV lines like in the case of the digital camera. The higher the number of pixels, the camera has, the greater the chances of producing better videos. With this kind of cameras, there are more video details compared to that of the TV lines hence calls for clarity and high quality.

The downside of IP cameras

Every product has its pros and cons. The main disadvantage of using the IP camera is that it is wholly dependent on your internet connection, whether it is LAN or the WI-FI. This dependency level can cause a lot of damage in case of cut off. It only means that any disruption that may lead to internet connection lagging or loss of signals then you cannot have access to the cameras. The access normalized once the internet connection gets stable.

The use of this type of cameras is an enormous problem, especially in countries, which lack stable internet connection as it is a way f compromising security when the surveillance system cannot pick signals. As for the traditional CCTV cameras, they are always in use, whether there is an internet connection or not.